1. Replace Your Front Door

-First Impressions are so important. You want to convey a sense of welcome. Think curb appeal! If the exterior of the home is challenging, you may never get a chance to show the inside.

2. Install New Vinyl Siding

-Again, curb appeal. Old siding can make a beautiful home look worn-out. This will change the look of your home and cut down on maintenance issues. This is a pricey improvement but you typically will get a good return on this investment.

3. New Garage Doors

-This gives your home a new face. A good looking garage door tops the list when it comes to getting cashback on your investment!

4. Minor Kitchen Remodel

– Don’t go overboard! Update your appliances and countertops. Keep your existing layout and paint your kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them. If you decide to sell your home potential buyers will see the value in this upgrade.

Remember simple is better when it comes to returning on investment. Don’t “over-improve” your house.