If you are running out of ideas for kiddos during this quarantine check out this list of resources!

Offline Activities For Children

Online Activities For Children 

  • 27 Best Educational Games for Kids. On this website, you can find dynamic learning games for children that will help them develop skills in science and art.
  • Scholastic Learn At Home offers different 20-day long learning experiences for children from kindergarten till ninth grade. Each day, children will watch videos, read books or articles and comment on what they’ve learned.
  • Kids Classes From Home. On this website, early childhood educators lead the sessions, which include yoga or cooking, and provide ideas for activities that kids can do offline. The sessions are live but can also be streamed on-demand.
  • Free, Easy Science for Remote Learning. This website has free science lessons for children from kindergarten to fifth grade. Lessons vary from short five-minute videos to 30-minute lectures. Some also offer activities that children can do at home.
  • The Kennedy Center Art Classes. Videos of daily art classes by Mo Willems, writer, and animator of books for children.
  • Buzzfeed Ideas to Entertain Children. A list of 18 ideas to do at home with children, including learning to play instruments online and yoga classes for kids

Together we will all get through this challenging time! Try and focus on the positive. Hopefully, you will find a few of the above resources helpful.