A couple of these DIY-able projects even add precious storage

There’s a reason one-way conversations are called “talking to a wall.” Walls rarely have anything interesting to say — even with a coat of paint on them. But your walls don’t have to be straight out of a cliche.

In the world of home improvement, walls are prime “real estate” for value-adding projects that add storage, function, and the right kind of flair to make your home more livable (and desirable).

Projects like these:

#1 A Classic Upgrade With Trim

So affordable. So classic. So DIY-able. Plus, the custom look kicks your home into the luxe category. All it takes is some simple lattice strips, MDF strips, unfinished wood frames, shiplap (you get the idea) … and 

Painting the strips the same color as the wall creates a value-enhancing built-in look that’ll never seem outdated

#2 Peel-and-Stick Wood

Peel-and-stick planks create a cozy ambiance without heavy-duty adhesives that can damage your wall.

Well-crafted wood alternatives exist, but for the most authentic effect (read: not cheap-looking), you can’t beat reclaimed wood.

You can use your baseboard to be your guide for keeping them straight — just be sure it’s straight with a level. If not, you can draw a level chalk line in the middle of your wall and line things up from there.

#3 Mini Cubbies!

Knock out drywall between the studs and add cube shelving to create custom storage. Just be careful when opening up walls to avoid electrical wires and plumbing pipes.

#4 Wallpaper (the New Paint)

If painting is one degree of home improvement, wallpaper allows for 1000 degrees.

Some wallpaper is super easy to remove, too

So you can have fun with the trendiest of trends (like the big, bold leafy print above that evokes the oh-so-trendy boho look) without risking your home’s desirability in the future.

Because you simply pull it down. Here today, and gone tomorrow in a snap.

#5 Versatile Corkboard

Your wall can be as ever-changing and customized as your Pinterest feed — it’s as easy as cork tiles.

Treat this eco-friendly material like wallpaper, and it’ll be the foundation for a room that can transform depending on what you pin to it — from children’s art to work projects — in minutes.

Add shelves, and you’ve got instant storage.

Attaching the cork is as easy as uncorking a bottle of wine. Wash the wall, cut and trim cork panels, use cork adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape, and press panels firmly. Then get pinning.

#6 LEGO Fun

Few things spark childhood glee in hearts of all ages like LEGOs. And putting them up on the wall means fewer underfoot. (Ever stepped on a LEGO? Agony!)

Save your feet and reclaim your floor space with a LEGO wall.

DIYers can use a high-quality utility knife to cut boards to size, then adhere with silicone glue. Or ditch the knife for LEGO-compatible self-adhesive plates (easier, but not as budget-friendly)