Communication, Communication, Communication

This is the complaint I hear the most from those who have been dissatisfied with their agent. Selling a home is stressful and having an agent who does not communicate on a regular basis will increase this stress. Your agent should promptly return text messages, emails, and phone calls. There is no excuse for poor communication. Staying in touch is something all sellers have the right to expect from their realtor.

Strong Negotiation Skills

The job of a real estate agent is to get the most money for their client in the least amount of time. A good agent should know what to say and when to say it when negotiating. An agent that is a skilled negotiator can save you money.

Professional Pictures

This is SO important!! Pictures are the #1 way to get buyers through the door. If your agent is not willing to spend the extra money to hire a real estate photographer, you may want to find an agent that will provide this service.


Your agent should have an online presence. I pay for extra online marketing for all my listings. I also use social media to advertise my listings, open houses, etc. People find homes online. Find an agent that has embraced technology.


This is an important trait to look for in a real estate agent. The realtor should put your needs before their own. There are agents that will overprice listings to gain the client. This is NOT in the best interest of a client. Check recent references and reviews. If you can find recent positive client reviews this is a red flag. Trust your gut instinct when choosing your agent.